Rothner, Segall & Greenstone represents labor unions, labor-management trust funds, and employees with wage & hour and civil rights claims. Time permitting, we take on free speech, taxpayer, and open government cases.

Guiding our work is the philosophy that our technical skills are useful not as an end in themselves but as a means to promote justice, equity, and peace.

We believe that our clients, from rank-and-file low wage workers, to highly-paid professionals, to union leaders and staff, deserve our best efforts, our full creativity, and complete information about the matters we undertake on their behalf.

We respect the right of our clients to make their own judgments, and we view our role as informing those judgments by providing an array of options and discussing the advantages, disadvantages, and consequences of each. Our goals are both to help our clients accomplish a useful outcome and to leave them with an enhanced ability to make strategic and tactical judgments.

Our experienced and dedicated support staff are instrumental to the success our clients expect.


Rothner, Segall & Greenstone is a Southern California law firm engaged in the representation of public and private sector labor unions and individual plaintiffs in labor and employment-related matters, as well as labor-management trust funds.

Our cases typically involve the prosecution and defense of claims arising out of collective bargaining agreements, the National Labor Relations Act, various public sector bargaining statutes, the California Labor Code, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Fair Employment and Housing Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and other statutes guaranteeing labor and employment rights to employees.

The firm represents a number of local unions as retained counsel on general matters, including litigation, administrative proceedings, arbitrations, negotiations and advice. We are local counsel to several international unions and have represented many individual employees in discrimination, wrongful termination and wage and hour litigation. We have successfully litigated a number of cases involving constitutional and statutory rights in the employment context.